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Dug out the attic? Have a box or two? We are interested!


We may not take everything, but are interested in 33s (12" Albums) and select 45s (7" Singles) in good condition.


We love a variety of genres!


Feel free to bring them by one day and drop them off for us to look over.

It may not take long, just depends on the amount you bring in.


Price varies per record based on the pressing and the condition.


We can't give you a guess on what we can offer until we see them in person.


Bring in some of your albums/singles you don't listen to anymore, and trade them for new additions to your collection.


We can offer a bit more for trade in store credit than we can cash, and it allows someone else to enjoy the music! 


Same thing applies for trades, we don't take 78s, damaged or very worn albums. We may not take everything.


We would love to look at what you've got. Bring 'em on in to Black Slab, 22 Milbank Terrace, Redcar, TS10 1ED !

or send us a message below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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