Why Black Slab won't be taking part in Record Store Day 2020?

We have decided to not sign up as a participating store this year for Record Store Day (18th April 2020)
This is 100% our own decision.

Instead of investing in one day, we want to invest in things that will benefit Black Slab ALL YEAR ROUND and beyond.

We want to focus on refitting the store, expanding our menswear (plus womenswear!) and our vintage vinyl section.

We want to do in-store events and many more outdoor events too.

Investing heavily into Record Store Day the past two years has held back plans and had an effect on the rest of the year, for the past two years.

We really enjoyed Record Store Day and it has it's benefits but there's a lot of downfalls too, we may consider returning as a participating store for Record Store Day next year.

2019 was a difficult year for us and we have decided to focus our attention wisely and make positive changes/sacrifices for Black Slab to keep moving forward. Record Store Day 2020 is one of those sacrifices.

We are hoping that there will be understanding to why we have came to this hard decision.

To hold out on Record Store Day this year will benefit the shop greatly, by strengthening the store to keep Black Slab carrying on into 2021.

We would love to hear your feedback on this.